This post intends to give you a general overview of the commute times from Leesburg to various locales in the region.  Commute times, as we all know, is far from an exact science.  Road conditions, emergency situations, weather, the time of year, the time of day, even the day of the week can all impact how long we have to endure a drive to our ultimate destination.  These times are a broad look at what one might expect on a typical day.

Any directions we post are not intended to be exact, but simply to give you an idea of the general directions and routes.  You should use your map, GPS, or smartphone application to prepare your journey.

Data USA, Leesburg indicates that employees in Leesburg, VA have a longer average commute time than the national average of 24.8 minutes and stands at approximately 28.9 minutes.  Additionally, 4.12% of the workforce in Leesburg, VA have “super commutes,” which are commutes in excess of 90 minutes, also higher than the national average of 2.62%.

From Leesburg, VA to Washington, D.C.:  Most folks know that Route 66 is the “easiest” way to get to downtown DC.  It is not, however, the only way.  If your livelihood depends on accurate timing, it’s probably best to plan for two hours depending on where you need to be downtown.  Though some will make the claim that the drive can be done in a little over an hour, they are quick to caution that this is during non-peak time.  That said, when we think of the word “commute,” we’re probably talking about drive time to and from work and the “rush hour” from Leesburg to Washington, D.C. stretches easily from 7:00 a.m. until 9:00 a.m., and many are likely to tell you from 6:00 a.m. until 10:00 a.m.

There are some alternative options we’ve seen discussed which include:  Taking Route 7 to Lewisville Road, to Route 123, and then taking the George Washington Parkway over the Theodore Roosevelt Bridge.  Another option would be to pick up Route 193 off of Route 7, then the George Washington Parkway over the same bridge.  Do your research.  Your mileage may vary (pun intended).

From Leesburg, VA to Ashburn, VA:  A wise employee should plan for about a 40-minute commute just to be safe and maintain gainful employment.  Expect it to average around 25 minutes.  Some route options included:  From East Market Street, take Route 7 east, to Claiborne Parkway/Route 901 South towards Ashburn.  Another options is to get on US-15 South/VA-7 West/Leesburg Bypass from East Market Street, to the Leesburg Bypass, to VA-267 East, to VA-659 North/Belmont Ridge Road in Dulles.  From there take exit 4 from VA-267 East, merge onto US-15 South/VA-7 West/Leesburg Bypass.  Use the right lane to take the ramp to Dulles Airport/Washington, and from there take exit 4 for VA-659/Belmont Ridge Road.  State Route 642 gets you to State Route 641 in Ashburn.

From Leesburg, VA to Sterling, VA:  In this commute, it is smart to plan for about a 45-minute commute to be safe.  You can expect it to average around 30 minutes or so.  The most direct route into Sterling would be via Route 7 which provides for a nice straight run almost straight into Sterling.   Take East Market Street to VA-7 East to VA-625 East in Dulles. Take the exit toward Sterling from VA-28 South.  Follow VA-625 East and Atlantic Boulevard to State Route 610 in Sterling, VA.  Another option would be to get on VA-267 East in Catoctin from East Market Street and US-15 South/VA-7 West/Leesburg Bypass.  From there follow VA-267 East to Loudoun County Parkway in Dulles. Take exit 7 from VA-267 East.  Follow Loudoun County Parkway and VA-625 East to State Route 610 in Sterling, VA.

From Leesburg, VA to Reston, VA:  This can be a nice drive or a brain-buster.  During peak times it’s probably best to plan for an hour.  In our opinion, to be safe, probably 75 minutes provides a nice buffer and could keep you out of the boss’ cross-hairs.  Via Route 7 East is the most unpredictable with reported times of as little as 35 minutes up to 60 minutes.  You would head east on East Market Street toward Church Street Northeast continuing onto Route 7 East.  Turn right onto Reston Parkway.  Make a right onto Market Street in Reston, VA.  Reportedly a more consistent alternative would see you Get on VA-267 East in Catoctin from East Market St and US-15 South/VA-7 West/Leesburg Bypass.  Follow VA-267 East to VA-286 North/Fairfax County Parkway in Reston. Take exit 11 from VA-267 East.  Continue on VA-286 North/Fairfax County Parkway. Take New Dominion Parkway to Market Street in Reston, VA.

From Leesburg, VA to Tysons Corner, VA:  Another potentially hair-pulling experience awaits you if you have to drive to Tysons Corner.  Typical commute times vary widely at “rush” hour from a reported 35 minutes to as long as an hour and 15 minutes.  Thusly, we recommend planning on 90 minutes to ensure a greater likelihood of getting to your desk on-time.  You would get on VA-28 South in Broad Run from East Market Street and VA-7 East.  From there Continue on VA-28 South and then take VA-267 East to VA-7 West/Leesburg Pike in Tysons. Take exit 47 A-B from I-495 South.  Merge onto VA-7 West/Leesburg Pike and roll into Tysons Corner, VA.

And good luck to all of you!