Elizabeth Mills Riverfront Park

For new home buyers and real estate investors looking for areas of interest in Leesburg, Virginia there is The Elizabeth Mills Riverfront Park located in Loudoun County, Virginia. The property comprises 122 acres of passive parkland with access to both the Potomac River and Goose Creek at the non-motorized boat landing at Kephart Bridge Landing in Lansdowne, Virginia. Be prepared to flex those muscles because canoes and kayaks are required to be carried to the landing. The Elizabeth Mills Riverfront park is home to the historic Elizabeth Mills canal lock system and also contains a section of the Potomac Heritage National Scenic Trail.

The Elizabeth Mills Riverfront Park Marker entices you to enter, indicating “This riverfront park will transport you back in time. It will enable you to look beyond the modern developments that dominate the landscape here today. It will take you back centuries, when American Indians lived here, harvesting the bounty of the river and fertile floodplain. It will lead you to Goose Creek where the ruins of Elizabeth Mills rest. Mill owner Samuel Clapham built the mill in 1807 and named it after his daughter. Along the way you’ll discover an 1850s canal that connected with the C&O Canal. History awaits you, nature invites you.”

In addition to the various hiking trails, peaceful setting and scenery, abundance of flora and fauna, the water-lovers among us will surely be drawn to the Kephart Bridge Landing. For those looking for a lovely cruise along Goose Creek Canal and the Potomac River, hand-carry your canoes and kayaks down to the Kephart Bridge Landing. Visitors may access the landing from Riverpoint Drive. From the park, one simply needs to take Squirrel Ridge Drive back to Riverpoint Drive and turn right. Continuing on Riverpoint Drive and crossing over Upper Belmont Place you will find the entrance to the landing on the left-hand side. If you are coming from the Belmont Ridge Road entrance, you will be crossing over Riverside Parkway to Riverpoint Drive and turning left.

Some of the wondrous sites beyond the natural landscapes are the ruins of the Goose Creek and Little River Navigation canal system. This canal carried boats around the rapids on Goose Creek while allowing connection to the Potomac River and other canals. While historically the Goose Creek Canal didn’t live up to expectations, today it makes a great sight-seeing destination for those who enjoy canoeing and kayaking on a beautiful day.

Areas of interest for home buyers and real estate investors in and around the park:
1. Canoe/Kayak Launch
2. Fishing
3. Historic Structure(s)
4. Information Kiosk
5. Interpretive Signs
6. Nature Trail(s)
7. Parking
8. Picnic Area(s)
9. River
10. Wooded Area(s)

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